Charge Your Phone with The Power of A Plant

There exists a perception that the organic world and the technological world must exist in diametrically opposed corners of the modern landscape, but that’s simply not true.

This has been especially demonstrated by a tech company that found a way to charge phones using a plant’s photosynthesis.

A Daily Hassle

On average, people report having to charge their phones about 2 times in order to prevent them from dying over the course of an average day. This isn’t just inconvenient, it’s also quite wasteful when you consider how much collective power is being sucked up by smartphones across the world on a daily basis.

Whether you’re environmentally conscious or you just hate the eyesore of the average charging square, you will probably be delighted to learn about Arkyne Technologies’ plant power invention that harnesses photosynthesis to charge your phone.

Not Your Average Planter

Arkyne’s invention is actually a high-tech planter, not a plant with magical charging capabilities. The planter (called Bioo Lite) uses the photosynthetic energy generated by a plant when it absorbs light and carbon dioxide, and uses that to charge your phone via a USB port.

You can pick the plant and where you’d like to leave it, and Bioo Lite takes care of the rest. So long as you keep your plant happy and healthy, you can expect three charges every day from this planter, whose conversion process takes place beneath the plants’ root system.

No one likes having to charge their phone constantly, but you might dread the process a little less if you could feel like you’re harnessing the natural energy produced by your house plants. Make charging just a little more fun by getting the job done with a plant.